To follow a path without certainty where it is going to end.

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what i do
Hey there, you have reached my site from somewhere out there in this digital multiverse. Let us start with being grateful for that connection!

I originally come from an engineering background and still dedicate part of my time to my work in the renewable energy sector. Playing a tiny role in the renewable transformation of our planets energy system.

Here I show you a different part of my life. 
Coming out of a worldwide economy and life crushing crisis I figured it was time for me to pursue a path different from the one I once intended. 
I create art in any form I find suitable for visualizing something. Ideas which flood my mind shall see no try to put them into formal conventions.
It is about the process of making art to process feelings and thoughts which need more than words. And about the messages I or my Eye-People come by in the act of doing so. 
High resolution images for licensed publication are available on request. Artworks shown on this page represent a little part of my creative doing. Availability of originals or prints as well as prices will be disclosed after contacting me personally.
Enjoy my art! If you do or if you do not, I would like you to follow me on social media or contact me directly!
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